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General Plan Amendments

To amend the very thing meant to protect our beautiful valley for the purpose of commercial developments seems ludicrous, especially when it involves rezoning land designated agricultural. Is the county so desperate for funds for affordable housing that they would do anything?


Most of the valley residents rely on well water. We have already received reports from residents whose wells have dried up. These people are forced to redrill at great expense. It is important we understand what water resources we have in this valley.


Highway 12 traffic through Kenwood is getting worse with every passing month with no relief in sight. One project traffic report in 2004 estimated 850 car visits per weekday and 1,300 over weekends. More valley events and more development will only add to the problem.


Kenwood and Valley residents appreciate the darkness that comes with nightfall. Increased lighting could impact nocturnal life and could severely impact the Ferguson Observatory at Sugarloaf State Park.


Septic systems are a necessity in rural areas and act as a natural indicator of building development. The use of Package Treatment Plants for new developments could extend development to areas not normally suited for such.

Cumulative Impact

How much is enough? It seems the county often views developments with 'Focused' EIRs or none at all and fails to look at the big picture. We need to ask questions like: What is the overall water availability in the valley? How much more traffic is possible? What is the impact of 4 or 5 large projects or event centers on the quality of life in our valley?

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