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Hanna Boys Center

17100 Arnold Drive and 17501 Carriger Drive, Sonoma

Location: North Valley
Status: Permit Application

As VOTMA reads the application it is for a minor lot line adjustment that will reconfigure three parcels (Project Proposal Statement, pages 1-2). As a result of this adjustment APN 133-220-001 will be reconfigured and reduced from 25.45 acres to 12.96 acres; APN 133-220-002 will be reconfigured and reduced from 47.09 acres to 34.13 acres; and APNs 133-220-003 & 133-112-020 will be reconfigured and increased in size from 123.22 acres to 148.67 acres. Within that later parcel, APN 133-112-020 (800 West Agua Caliente Road, sitting east of Arnold Drive) will remain at approximately 58.22 acres.

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