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Kenwood Vineyard

9592 Highway 12

Location: North Valley
Status: Permit Application

Kenwood Vineyards was sold in 2014 to Pernod Richard. There are now 2 permit applications. In March of 2015 KV filed an application to obtain a use permit and other review to add an approximately 3,800 square feet tank building to an existing building, relocate existing receiving areas, complete a loop road around the facility, construct a new fire protection tank and fire pump and associated above ground and underground piping. The application indicated that no change to the number of employees or level of visitation was being proposed, and that no change to water use or sanitary wastewater was anticipated from the proposed improvements. Now, seven months later, PR has rolled out the second phase of its master plan for transforming its new acquisition. Unlike the first piece, PLP15-0067 drops like a lead shoe. The probable impacts on the environment and on both Kenwood and the Sonoma Valley present precisely the types of issues the Winery Event Working Group is now wrestling with. Although PR notes that “no increase in wine production is proposed with this application,” there is plenty of other activity proposed. PR proposes to keep its existing tasting room to “ continue to be used for hospitality and winery operations.” It proposes to build a new 5,200 sf tasting room and retail sales building at a new site cut into the north-side hill. The south facing side will be “primarily glass” with a continuous outdoor tasting terrace wrapping the south and east perimeter of the building. As proposed there will be a new access drive and parking (and overflow) areas. There will be a new subsurface sanitary sewage treatment system for the new tasting room and retail sales building, and other buildings or facilities will be relocated or demolished.

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News and Notes

12/21/2017 - Kenwood Vineyards New Tasting Room BZA Hearing -
10/19/2017 - KV BZA Hearing Date - 1pm PLP15-0067 Kenwood Winery
02/24/2016 - SVCAC Kenwood Vineyards and Kenwood Hunt Club - Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission
6:30 PM Wednesday February 24
177 First Street West, Sonoma

Whats going on

October 21st - Quarterly Meeting
7:15pm - Kenwood Depot