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Belden Barns Winery

5561 Sonoma Mountain Rd, Glen Ellen

Location: North Valley
Status: Approved

The project consists of a request for a Use Permit for a new phased agricultural processing facility with a maximum annual production of 10,000 cases of wine and 10,000 pounds of cheese, retail sales and tasting, and ten Agricultural Promotional events per year. The 55-acre parcel is located approximately 1.5 miles east of the intersection of Pressley Road and Sonoma Mountain Road. The parcel is currently developed with an old farmstead that includes three dwellings (one legal conforming dwelling and two Legal Non-Conforming dwellings that were constructed in the late 1800’s early 1900’s), a barn, and several other out buildings. The parcel is planted with 20 acres of grapes and an area of approximately three acres for vegetables is currently under development. Areas for pasture, orchard, and additional grape planting have been studied. No cows or goats are currently on-site as their purchase is pending the approval of this permit. The property is under a Land Conservation (Williamson) Act contract.


Final EIR
 Please Join Friends of Sonoma Mountain Road in opposing the project and the dangerous impacts to traffic, road safety, wildlife and water quality.
Summary from BOS 10/14/2014
Article on lawsuit filed 12/1/2014 KP

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