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Silver Cloud Vineyards

5700 Cavedale Road

Location: North Valley
Status: In Progress

Request for a Use Permit for a new winery with a maximum annual production of 2,000 cases within existing buildings and tasting by appointment only and 8 special events with a maximum attendance of 50 people on a 160 acre parcel. Granted by Planning Commission. (?) Now Stone Edge Winery, visit by appointment, https://www.stoneedgefarm.com/experiences/ Note: 6-21-2022 by KP. The county website parcel history https://parcelsearch.permitsonoma.org/parcelreport?APN=053-051-029&PN=UPE14-0088&RP=permitSearch shows the use permit still in progress. "BZA hearing continued to 8/12/2021" There were questions on fire safety according to a note posted 4/3/2019. Actions from BZA hearing 8/12/2021: "https://permitsonoma.org/boardscommissionsandcommittees/planningagency/boardofzoningadjustments/actionsforaugust122021 "Continued to date uncertain" Seems to be holding events anyway.

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