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Over Concentration Areas

Kenwood areaHwy 121

Location: North Valley
Status: In Progress

VOTMA is making efforts to get county help to resolve the cumulative impacts felt with an over concentration of visitor serving facilities in two areas. There are 19 tasting rooms and other visitor serving facilities within a 1.6 mile stretch of highway 12 through Kenwood. There have been issues with parking, signs, and road safety. Hwy 121 is a 2 mile section from the corner of 116 and 12 to Viansa Winery where there are over 400 events approved for 7 major winery/event centers. We hope to get this issue listed on the PRMD work plan for 2015. This will be discussed on Oct. 21 Board of Supervisors meeting, after 10am. Please send comments to the supervisors. Thank you.

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