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Sonoma Raceway

29355 Arnold Drive, Sonoma

Location: South Valley
Status: Withdrawn

Request for 1) a General Plan Text Amendment to allow for non-racing events to occur at Sonoma Raceway; and 2) a Use Permit to modify a previously approved Use Permit (UPE04-0114) to change the number and attendance for allowed events, and allow non-racing uses such as utilizing existing buildings and infrastructure for concerts, private event spaces, a tasting room, etc. on 724.38 acres.

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News and Notes

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- VOTMA email to planner - Misti,

Please accept the following comments as part of the file for this project.

As president of Valley of The Moon Alliance, I want to express our concern about the increasing of event activities at Sears Point Raceway..(old name). It looks like it wants to become a full service event center. It already has a number of racing weekends (4) and other racing related activities.
The thought of having another 4 day music festival, rental of space for private parties of up to 750 people, from 12 to 22 "other motorsports" events and the icing on the cake,a tasting room, is disheartening.
The location of the raceway at highways 121 and 37 can already be a bottle neck to the Sonoma Valley. Personally, we check if it is a race weekend when determining a route to San Francisco from Kenwood.
The sheer numbers of people expected also warrants a more serious look at the groundwater and waste disposal conditions.

Again this is a project that we would hope will be brought to the SVCAC. Pat Gilardi is included on this email for this reason. I know there was discussion of the raceway during the SVCAC boundary expansion.

Please keep us posted at of hearings etc. Thank you.

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