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Ceja Farm Operations LLC

1225 Sperring Road Sonoma, CA 95476

Location: South Valley
Status: Permit Application

Request on 14.6 acres for 1) a General Plan Amendment from the RR (Rural Residential) 3-acre density designation to the DA (Diverse Agriculture) 10 acre density land use designation, 2) a corresponding Zone Change from the AR (Agriculture and Residential) B6-3 acre density, SR (Scenic Resources), VOH (Valley Oak Habitat) District to the DA (Diverse Agriculture) B6-10 acre density, SR, VOH Zoning District, 3&4) to allow for a Use Permit and Administrative Design Review for a new agriculture processing facility to produce 30,000 cases of wine, 5,000 barrels of beer, 1,000 cases of distilled spirits, and cheese making within a new 16,280 square foot building with public tours and tasting.

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News and Notes

08/21/2012 - Ceja Project SVCAC - The SVCAC voted unanimously against recommending a General Plan Amendment to allow an applicant to rezone Rural Residental property to Diverse Agricultural to build a 20,000 SF facility for 30k wine cases, 5k barrels of beer, 5k bottles of liquor, a cheese production unit and a small bakery.

The consensus was that this is an inappropriate rezoning of property in the middle of a 47-home residential area.

There was an issue of lack of notice to the neighbors when the project application was first filed in 2011.

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