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Dog Kennel

6445 Highway 12Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Location: North Valley
Status: Approved

Request for a Use Permit to add overnight boarding, training and group lessons to an existing doggie day-care (UPE09-0069) for up to 20 dogs a day and limiting visits to site to 2 per hour (for a total of 50 trips a day), open 7 days a week on 3.o2 acre parcel. Applicant is also requesting and exception to the sign ordinance for height and placement. old permit allows 10 dogs and 20 trips.

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04/20/2011 - Planning Application

News and Notes

- Dog Kennel - Checking out the site and sign issues; this is a fairly isolated lot, downhill from h12 and she want a taller sign to be visible from the road. I don't have much issue with the use but still want to look at DA specs and would need to see what the sign looked like. Future "storage" looks a lot like a kennel.

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