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Annadel Winery

6687 Sonoma Highway

Location: North Valley
Status: Permit Application

New winery facility. Phase I, convert existing barn to 5,000 case winery. Business visitors by appt. only. Phase II: 60,000 case production winery and wine caves. public tours and tasting with up to 20 special events per year (10 at 200 max; 10 at 100 max). Will be well and septic. Not to be confused with Annadel Vineyards Partners. Bordigioni is negotiating to buy Mobius Painter.

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05/16/2012 - VOTMA comments before BZA May 17, 2012
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02/08/2010 - Permit Application
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BZA action on May 17, 2012
 The BZA commissioners approved the project with conditions 4-1. Liles (District 4)voted against.

News and Notes

03/23/2012 - Meeting at Winery - Met with Dean for tour.
- Request for Hearing/ Traffic Impacts Phase 2 -

Whats going on

July 17th - 3rd Quarterly Meeting
7:00pm - Kenwood Depot

October 16th - 4th Quarterly Meeting
7:00pm - Kenwood Depot