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Mobius Painter - Sugarloaf Custom Crush

6705 Sonoma Highway

Location: North Valley
Status: Approved

To plant vineyards and construct a winery with a capacity of 125,000 cases per year. 33,000 sf building approved, 20 events (10/100 and 10/250). Final access is to be through a signal at Oakmont Drive. This is one of three parcels broken out of Skylark Nursery. NovaVines is to East, Sonoma Flower Company to the West.

News and Notes

09/23/2009 - Mobius Painter - New Buyer - Previous Buyer Ken Wilson backed out of the deal and next door neighbor (the old Annadel Winery, now a wedding mill), Dean Bordigione, who is already working to expand his property uses now wants to buy it.
Bordigione bought the property at 6687 Sonoma Hwy. in 2007.
County/owners want a single entrance to three properties at Oakmont Drive light.
this info from bankruptcy court filings.
Nothing has happened or will happen until the court makes a final ruling.

10/09/2002 - Lawsuits delay development - Investors in the Mobius Painter project sued partner Bruce Halvax for a number of issues. Countersuits and bankruptcy have followed this venture since then until now.

The Wine Industry Web site blog has an excellent recap of the saga. See their website.

10/25/2001 - Extension of time -

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