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Transient Rentals

Affects the entire county.

Location: County Wide
Status: In Progress

Neighbors are experiencing increased difficulties with short term use of rental properties: weddings, receptions, loud music, parking -- the list goes on. This "development" will examine what others are doing about it and explore local proposals, incidents and ordinances (or lack of them).

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Vacation Rental PRMD website
 Proposed Code Changes - links available on Sonoma County PRMD website.
Map of registered Vacation Rental 2015
County Vacation Rental information
Vacation Rental Program Review 2015

News and Notes

11/19/2015 - Vacation Rental - Public Hearing - Presentation by PRMD and public comment on proposed code changes to the Vacation Rental Ordinance on Thursday, November 19 at 5:30 PM 575 Administration Dr, rm 100A, Santa Rosa.
02/22/2010 - Kenwood Press Articles -


Kenwood Press Articles
Kenwood Press Articles on Transient Rentals
11/1/2008 Transient rentals causing a stir
12/15/2008 Fined vacation rental subject of hearing
03/15/2009 Finding of violation by vacation rental reversed
04/15/2009 Vacation rentals subject of Supervisors hearing
05/01/2009 Supervisors wade into vacation rental debate

04/21/2009 - Hearing on Transient rentals -

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